VIEQUES, PR — While robust, the digital video business faces hurdles for growth in the years ahead, but those can be solved with better business tools, and a common language for problem-solving, says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp in her wrap-up report on the Beet.TV retreat.

But the answers aren’t as simple as more ad load or different video formats, she explains. “This is an industry that is going through a media revolution. We have a great responsibility to figure that out,” she says. “This is about how to help media companies be successful and how to help marketers at the heart of the value exchange. There is a shared value proposition of making audiences happy with content they love and letting brands participate…How do we build an adaptable enterprise solution that allows a media company to look at the entirety of its revenue across its portfolio of products and use its inventory to drive audience?”

The solution may be found in providing better business planning tools to optimize revenue and also to integrate the enterprise more tightly. In addition, many players in the industry, from publishers to media companies, don’t use the same terms, and a common language is needed for growth. These are among the challenges digital video faces, but Swartz is optimistic that these hurdles can be crossed.

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology.  You can find more videos from the session here.