While consumers enjoy a vast array of devices to watch video, the gadget diversity presents publishers and marketers with a significant amount of “leakage” — meaning views that are not tabulated.

Facing this challenge, the industry will move to more robust cross-screen measurements in the new year, says Peter Naylor, SVP at Hulu and head of the IAB’s video section, in this interview with Beet.TV

Consumer choice of platforms, ad load acceptance and the recalibration of programmers to meet consumers preferences will all be part of the conversation next week at CES, Naylor predicts in this interview taped in Hulu’s New York offices.

He says that two-thirds of Hulu views happen in the living room via connected devices.

We spoke with Naylor as part of our lead-up series to CES presented by YuMe. You can find the video series here.