LONDON — What if Netflix started running ads? It is a topic that has previously been debated here on Beet.TV, with one exec betting: “They’re going to have to start to deploy some type of advertising model to recoup some of the revenue that they’re spending on this programming.”

A new thorough analysis has shed some hard light on the possible impact to the subscription VOD service.

Ampere Analysis‘ report, Commercial Gain: If Netflix Moved Into Advertising, finds:

“At current consumption and subscriber levels, a pre-roll model could make Netflix an additional $270m per quarter, assuming an $15 average CPM. This equates to an aggregate $1.6 billion in quarterly subscription revenue.

“By contrast, a full broadcast-style ad-load could make Netflix nearly $2 billion per quarter, assuming a CPM average of $8.

“Netflix would have to be very careful in managing such a process, however, as its customer base has indicated sensitivity to advertising. Low-level churn could wipe out financial gains from a pre-roll model, while heavier churn from a full ad-load would combine with a higher cost-base to result in minimal positive impact on the bottom line.”

Speaking with Beet.TV, Ampere‘s Richard Broughton says Netflix has an attractive demographic for advertisers. Adding a pre-roll model would grow Netflix’s business by 15%: “As little as 10% churn could wipe out those gains.”

But Broughton says, if Netflix introduced a full ad model, it could sustain a loss of up to 50% of its subscribers without losing revenue.

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