LAS VEGAS — Publishers’ marketing automation tech vendor PubMatic has announced it will power mobile advertising for German publisher Gruner + Jahr’s G+J eIMS ad sales division – but PubMatic has been going through some other changes of late.

The G+J deal means PubMatic will help enable programmatic mobile ads for brands including Spiegel and Vodafone live, after its mobile business grew by 200% early last year.

They sound like the kind of customers PubMatic is concentrating on, after seemingly axing others in 2015.

“Publisher networks have been a huge part of the business, but, in the last quarter or two, we’ve concentrated back and focused on our premium publisher business,” PubMatic president Kirk McDonald tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Intentionally, we moved away from some publishers who are just not, long-term, the right partners for us.

“We’ve concentrated toward premium publishers … In terms of a direct salesforce strategy, pricing and packaging is how they will differentiate their inventory sources from what is beginning to be a commoditized supply of inventory in the market.”

McDonald adds PubMatic continues to be publisher-centric, but has also launched features drawing buy-side customers.

We spoke with him at the MediaLink annual executive dinner at CES.

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