Digital advertising will grow globally by about 14 percent in 2016, commanding 31 percent of global ad budgets, reports GroupM in its biannual worldwide media and marketing forecast report, This Year, Next Year.

Topping the list of global ad growth is Facebook, up 50 percent with Google up 25.5 percent.

“Facebook is addressable and targeted at scale with requisite tools and automation that make it easy for advertisers to understand and use; so it is reaping advertising growth of 50 percent globally, including Instagram.

“Organic Google website revenue is growing remarkably fast too at 25.5 percent, and they have streamlined Youtube into a complement to broadcaster VOD, even if it is not yet a real challenger on price or quality,” said Dominic Proctor, Global President, GroupM, in a statement. “We see that digital’s data and automation capabilities are inspiring the evolution all media — in all markets across the globe — but digital will continue its powerful growth and market share gains. This is despite the challenges in the digital space such as viewability, fraud, measurement and currency, all of which we expect to be solved by market forces.”

Powering much of Facebook’s growth is its successful move to mobile and its ascendancy as video platform.   Earlier this year, we spoke with Carolyn Everson, VP Global Marketing Solutions, about ad growth.  We are republishing that video today.