Household-level targeting of TV ads is not a distant reality – it’s here and now. You just may have to pay more for it, says one ad agency exec.

“You do have to pay a premium on a CPM basis for addressable,” MediaVest advanced media SVP Jonathan Bokor tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “However, your effective CPM is generally going to be lower if you structure the campaign correctly because there are a lot of impressions that you no longer have to serve.

“If someone just leased a car a month ago … you don’t need to serve them (ads) at that time. In a national cable or broadcast campaign, you’re going to expose all those people. With addressable, you can eliminate them from the target, and you don’t have to pay for that exposure. You’re eliminating the waste. It is more efficient.”

Bokor says MediaVest is currently placing super-targeted ads on TV for auto and consumer-packaged-goods advertisers, and is even able to trace the effect of ads all the way through to purchase. ” These are things we’ve want ed to do for as long as television’s been around,” he says.

We interviewed him last month at an event hosted by Mediaocean on the topic of Social TV.