The coming age in which TV adverts can be distributed to different individual viewers based on specific targeting criteria could, in theory, mean an end to the practice of buying ads against particular shows known to pull broad audience demographics.

But one ad tech exec doesn’t expect a wholesale shift.

“I think there’s a place for both and one does not replace the other, they complement one another,” says Christine Beaumier of Xaxis, the WPP division that is blazing a trail for programmatically-bought , super-targeted digital ads.

“Audiences are important and they will drive a part of the plan, but context will remain very important and that’s not going away. Sometimes, you’re going to need to do a buy because you absolutely want to be on Monday Night Football and that’s a requirement.

“But, in addition to spending the money to be against that premium content, you may also want to reach others who are known buyers of your brand and it’s okay if you reach them when they’re watching the cooking channel, or it’s okay if you’re reaching them while they’re watching the news.”


The video is part of preview series leading up to the Future of  TV Advertising Forum in London  You can find videos from the series here. The series is sponsored by Xaxis.