So-called “addressable TV” promises to bring more-precisely-targeted advertisements to TV viewers via connected boxes and TV sets. And that is going to mean greater efficiencies, according to one ad tech exec.

“Addressable TV is here,” says Rentrak CEO Bill Livek. “You have two national platforms at scale, with DISH and DirectTV. Then you have the cable operators moving very quickly in to that.”

So, why would addressable be a good thing?

“The advertiser in a low-GDP-growth economy wakes up every morning and says, how do they increase market share without spending anything more than they did last year?

“Addressable allows that to happen. We will see more addressable in the future. We’re measuring the precision of those commercials for the operator.”

Rentrak just decided to merge with comScore to make a bigger media measurement agency.


The video is part of preview series leading up to the Future of  TV Advertising Forum in London  You can find videos from the series here. The series is sponsored by Xaxis.