It may have been bought by 21st Century Fox a year ago, but video ad tech platform true[X] is taking pains to say that doesn’t mean it serves just one studio master.

“true[X] is still an independent organization – we still service ABC, CBS, Viacom,” says true[X] COO and C0founder David Levy, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

The company’s acquisition was the latest by a TV studio of a video ad tech platform, as big media companies show increasing interest in the software that can better manage their ad sales processes. Previously, RTL invested for a big stake in SpotX.

“We service the whole industry, not just Fox,” Levy adds. “But Fox is helping us invest in growing our technology and product teams, to get more access across different platforms.”

The company has brought one a new ad format that gets digital viewers off the hook of watching ads through their favorite shows if they actually interact with one upfront initial ad.

“You can choose to interact with an ad for 30 seconds,” Levy says.” If you do that, you get better attention for the advertiser but the reset of the show is commercial-free.”

We interviewed him at Media Future Conversations 2015: Unblocked – Valuing Human Attention In A Content-Driven World, an event presented by true[X] in association in association with Beet.TV  Please find more event videos here.