Programmatic advertising is booming, as more ad buyers and sellers switch on to technology that automates, targets and better controls the trading of online inventory.

So far, the tech has revolutionized web ads, next up is video.

“Programmatic has been huge in display, programmatic is a bit different in video,” according to video ad tech vendor Tremor Video’s CEO Bill Day. “There’s more of a balance between the buyer and seller.”

Whilst programmatic grew up in display ads with so-called “real-time bidding”, technology that automates the buying of ads in open networks, in the video world so-called “private marketplaces” are helping both sides constrain and control what they do with each other. But that’s not the rule, Day says.

“Ever”y client will want to leverage multiple toolsets to achieve that campaign,” he says. That’s always been the case on the buy side. The feeling has been that video publishers want private marketplaces.

“We’ve been surprised by the breadth of demand even from bigger-name players for open RTB solutions as well, as part of the mix.”

Day says Tremor will wind up helping clients in over-the-top TV video, VOD and linear TV advertising.