Mobile is helping push scientifically-accurate programmatic advertising technology to new heights for ad tech vendor Rubicon Project – next up, the company reckons it’s time to put creativity back in to advertising.

“One of the big things you’re going to see with mobile is storytelling becoming more and more important – when you’re trying to tell a story, a one-to-one relationship and not a one-to-many (relationship), which has been television,” says Rubicon chief marketer Mari Kim Novak.

“The need for mobile-first creative and storytelling is going to be more important than ever. You’re going to see the ad tech community and the creative world coming together.”

She says recently-signed Rubicon partnerships with fellow ad tech services Virool and Inmobi are helping disprove the idea that there is insufficient supply of quality ad inventory on mobile.

We interviewed her in New York, during Advertising Week.

This segment is part of a Beet.TV series presented by Virool titled “Emotions and the Virality of Videos.” The series can be found here.