COLOGNE — Consumer intent has become the most important variable for marketers to tap into, according to Michael Kahn, CEO of the Publicis-owned performance marketing agency Performics.

“I believe that the marketing world has moved from a post-awareness world to one fully focused on consumer intent,” he says in an interview with Beet.TV recorded last month at DMEXCO. Making a case for intent’s importance, he observes that it dictates why people go to a website, visit a store, respond to a friend’s social query and, ultimately, make a purchase.

He also expects to see more and more marketers using content to create personalized experiences at scale, and this will be enabled by programmatic buying.  

“I think programmatic’s going to be tied more and more to content,” he says.

He observes that many marketers attend DMEXCO to learn about advances in data and analytics.

“[It’s] why DMEXCO only gets bigger every single year, because of all the people focused on how to leverage the digital age and the digital moment,” he says.

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