Video ad tech vendor Eyeview, which has been more used to helping deliver digital video advertising, is now getting in to the main TV screen in the living room.

CEO Oren Harveno tells Beet.TV the company is  working with Cablevision and DISH to deliver ads to so-called “addressable” TVs, at the individual household level, plus with Clypd and WideOrbit, two programmatic video ad tech vendors to enable programmatic TV buying.

“We can use the data we know from the cookie of an individual that visited a site or a data of someone who usually buys DIY products at a retailer…we can buy that individual household on TV and also serve them an ad that makes sense for them on TV,” Harnevo says.

“Marketers all know that they have waste. They’re very excited about getting more effective on television. They’re very interested to see if we can activate all the strategies they’ve been doing in digital on TV.”