CANNES – “Certainly the speed of technology innovation is dizzying,” says Cary Tilds, chief innovation officer for GroupM. “Some say it would be nearly impossible to keep up with that change.”

Tilds’ four tips for keeping up are to be a student of technology; to maintain a consistent framework for learning about new technologies; to understand what you already have so you know what you need; and to create space.

A good example of this, Tilds says, is Snapchat’s billboard over the Palais, which could hardly be missed by this year’s festival-goers.

Last year, Snapchat had one business development person at Cannes, Tilds says.

“Being in the right place, making space, having conversations, being open to conversations, knowing what you have and know what you’re looking for helps you[…] Knowing how to find the right clients who are ready in your organization to take advantage of those things gets you to the place where it’s not a surprise [Snapchat] is on the billboard of the Palais because you were there at the first moment.”

We interviewed Tilds at the Cannes Lions Festival as part of a series on video advertising presented by Teads. Please visit this page for more videos from the series.