As cord-cutting continues to gain momentum and video-streaming options abound, Cablevision’s chief operating officer Kristin Dolan is trying to transform her company into a service-oriented business like American Express or Zappos.

“To me, we’re at a critical inflection point where the world is changing and we’re no longer a monopoly, and we’re a company that delivers the internet to people’s homes,” she says in an interview with Beet.TV. “And my goal is to wrap all that in a really good service product.”

An industry veteran who began her career in cable in 1990 at Cablevision’s programming division Rainbow Media (now AMC Networks), Dolan had an indirect route to business after majoring in English in college and working in publishing. She thinks the cable industry offers interesting opportunities for recent graduates, especially when they’re willing to go outside of their comfort zone and try different roles.

“Working in a call center might not sound glamorous, but when you think about the opportunities to lead a team, to embellish an experience for a customer, and to really cultivate technology and new perspectives on service into a job, things that might not on the surface appear interesting or appealing can actually become gateways to really interesting careers,” she says.

This is segment is part of Beet.TV’s “Media Revolutionaries,” a 50-part series of interviews with key innovators and leaders in the media, technology and advertising industries, sponsored by Xaxis and Microsoft. Xaxis is a unit of WPP.