The recent decision of Publicis’ VivaKi to spread its Audience On Demand across the unit shows how “programmatic” methods of automating the trading of ads are becoming more embedded across ad agencies, says Rubicon Project marketplace development SVP Jay Sears.

“A lot of the headlines have gotten it incorrect,’ he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “The headlines are ‘AOD is dead’. The fact is, AOD in automation is more alive than ever.

“What’s happening is, a lot of those employees are coming out of a centralized structure and being pushed in to the operating agency. That’s great news for the entire business. It means the experts in automation will be the folks talking to the clients, sitting at the table when strategy comes together. That means a more holistic approach to automation.”

Sears says Rubicon will be hosting panels on retail and automating advertising on a dramatic rooftop location during the Cannes Lions festival later this month.

SMG programmatic SVP Mac Delaney previously told Beet.TV that VivaKi, too, is not dead. “VivaKi still lives on. AOD is just one component of VivaKi.” Rubicon recently helped Publicis’ Digitas enable ad orders programmatically.

We interviewed him as part of the series The Road to Cannes, our lead-up to the Cannes Lions Festival presented by Coull.  Please visit this page for additional segments.  This interview took place in the London office of SMG.