Advertising on mobile cannot benefit from user-tracking, on-device cookie files like it can on desktop devices. So Adelphic made its own alternative to cookies, to help advertisers target not just mobile users but those same users across devices.

“The fundamental challenge in the mobile landscape right now is the lack of a standard user identification method,” says Adelphic co-founder Jennifer Lum, who worked on Apple’s iAd in 2010. “We’ve built a patented method of user identification that works across connected devices … a proxy for a cookie… to deliver better scale to advertisers.”

“Our op opened up bec many of the top platforms weren’t fast enough to extend their technology to mobile. We spent time with product teams at the leading agency trading desks. They helped us understand what they needed for a supply-side platform to be able to run and execute successful mobile campaigns.”

Now the Boston-based company – which has $23m in funding behind it – is expanding internationally.  “We are working very hard on our European launch and we expect to be live there by the end of this quarter,” Lum adds.

Beet.TV interviewed Lum last week at the BrightRoll Video Summit in Manhattan.