AUSTIN — Last October, ad agency Leo Burnett and online publisher Huffington Post announced they would be partnering to help create content for brands.

One of many initiatives in which publishers are working to do so for brands, this partnership is different from most, in that Huffington Post staff are embedded with the ad agency for at least part of their working week.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Leo Burnett chief platforms and partnerships officer Mark Renshaw explains how it works.

“Collaboration is critical to figuring out what to do with content,” he says. “We need differences of thinking to bring diversity

“We have their people working in our office. We share our business plans with them, they share their business plans with us. We’re jointly working on things at a very strategic level.

“Huffington Post has been a fantastic social publisher, we’re learning from that and they are learning how to be a brand storyteller. The partnership allows us to create content in new ways.”

Renshaw says content the pair create starts out life published on Huffington Post but could live on in any medium.


Renshaw was interviewed by Beet.TV at the 4As’ (American Association of Advertising Agencies) Transformation 2015 event in Austin, Texas. Our coverage is sponsored by Videology.  Please find more coverage from the conference here.