4As’ Chief Sees New Creative Era For ‘Beaten-Up’ Agencies

HOLLYWOOD — After being “beaten up” by ruinous, fraudulent and overly straitjacketing ad-tech practices, a new consensus has emerged between ad agencies and other parts of the value chain, beginning a new era of creativity. That’s according to the woman who runs the body representing advertising agencies in the US. “We’re in a really good place […]


4As Fights Piracy, Fraudulent Traffic, Nancy Hill

The advertising industry is determined to combat digital ad fraud. Case in point: the 4A’s is investing resources in this initiative through a new group focused on battling fraud and piracy, says Nancy Hill, President and CEO of the 4A’s in this interview with Beet.TV. The Brand Integrity Program Against Piracy, founded by the 4As and […]


Ad Trade Group Chief Touts Sponsorship of Women’s Series on AOL, as “The Future”

MOUGINS, France — The business of advertising is changing dramatically for agencies and one of the hot-button issues is whether agencies will get into the content creation game on their own, says Nancy Hill, President and CEO of 4As in this interview with Beet.TV. “One of the big topics is how we take content that agencies […]