FORT LAUDERDALE – Advertising technology company Simulmedia is aiming to link business outcomes to TV ads, says Michael Glantz, Manager of Business Development at Simulmedia at the Beet.TV executive retreat this past weekend. TV ads have been measured traditionally on reach and frequency, but layering in data can provide new metrics on actual ad effectiveness.

“Marketers want to know how a campaign drives sales, so we bring datasets together, like credit card data and match that to our viewership for who is seeing an ad to what are they doing in the world,” he says.

The push to provide that level of insight on effectiveness comes from the marketers, and as a result Simulmedia has added new capabilities to its technology. Last fall, for instance, Simulmedia paired up with Nielsen to help track retail purchases. Via that partnership, Simulmedia can measure a TV spot against what purchases occurred when viewers saw the ad.

Coming next in 2015, he expects media companies to leverage more of their own data for media buying and planning.

Glantz was an analyst at Forrester Research before joining Simulmedia in 2012.

The Beet Retreat ’15 was sponsored by  AOL and Videology. Please find additional videos from the event here.