CHICAGO — Video ads are three times more effective than display ads in delivering brand goals, says Gian Fulgoni, co-counder  and executive chairman emeritus of comScore, in an interview with Beet.TV

“Video-delivered campaigns are much more effective than display in terms of a causing a lift in some action metrics as well as attitudinal branding metrics like favorability, recall and purchase,” he says. A brand needs three times as many display impressions to cause the same impact as video. The caveat is video ads have a higher cost. Still, display ads tend to get lost in the clutter while video ads stand out. For instance, a comScore study found that while both display and video ads drive consumers to a brand web site, video ads entice them to stay nearly three times as long. Video can drive impact faster with fewer exposures, he says.

We interviewed Fulgoni in Chicago at the Beet.TV leadership summit presented by the Jun Group.  You can find more videos from the summit here.


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