LONDON — If every TV ad campaign can be individually targeted, what good is fixed ad pricing anymore? UK satellite and telco provider BSkyB, which this year launched its AdSmart addressable ad initiative, envisages a spectrum of prices for different advertisers.

“The conversation has moved on from being a commoditized rate that is transparent for all advertisers to being a bespoke tailored campaign in terms of attributes, and a bespoke tailored cost to discuss on the back of those attributes,” Jamie West, deputy director of ad sales division Sky Media, tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Historically, if they were buying on TV, they may be targeting an ABC1 adult audience, which may be £15 or £20 per thousand, but really only targeting 10% of that. Some of the online retailers that really understand their customer base are trying to target lookalikes or customer segments. That’s different from anything that’s available in TV or VOD markets today.”

This interview is part of a series titled The State Of Video, a series sponsored by AOL Platforms. Please visit this page for all the videos from the series. This session was recorded in London.