CHICAGO — Facebook is a marketer’s dream for video, but brands need to be smart about how to use the targeting, fan base, and types of video on the social network, says Len Kendall, Director of Social Marketing at Havas Worldwide, in an interview with Beet.TV.

“Because of segmentation and targeting, it is a great ad platform and great way to reach millions around the world,” he says, adding that Facebook is easy to scale and has robust data behind it. But Kendall cautions against using autoplay ads on Facebook since they have the potential to annoy users, as they do with display. “[Facebook] wants to make sure marketers can track everything, but how far can they push and not irritate consumers,” he asks.

However, marketers with video need to be using Facebook because it’s the top driver for video content. “You cannot reach a target more accurately now than you can on Facebook,” Kendall says. Given the diminishing reach of organic posts, paid Facebook ads are vital, he adds.

Even so, many younger consumers are using Vine and Instagram, so marketers should be on those services as well.

Kendall was interviewed by Gian Fulgoni, co-counder  and executive chairman emeritus of comScore at the Beet.TV leadership summit presented by the Jun Group.  You can find more videos from the summit here.

Update:  More about the growing impact of Facebook  in this article by David Carr in the New York Times.