Horizon Media has inked a number of partnerships that will help it expand further into programmatic video and buying, says Donnie Williams, Chief Digital Officer at Horizon Media, in an interview with Beet.TV.

Last month, the agency struck a deal with ad tech platform i.Predictus, a demand-side platform for TV advertisers. Access to the data i.Predictus has available can help buyers make better decisions about ads in real time, Williams tells us. The deal comes on the heels of Horizon’s launch of a centralized programmatic practice earlier this year. Called HX, the programmatic division of Horizon works with four demand-side platforms — Turn, The Trade Desk, Adap.tv and Adelphic. “We saw a chance to bring more transparency to our clients and extract greater value from the inventory,” he says.

The next step will likely be in expanding programmatic buying to TV. “A lot of automated aspects have resided on the planning side. We are moving rapidly towards processes that will impact the purchasing of linear TV and the driver is we are seeing great performance from digital video and the data that can be ascertained from it,” he says.

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