Already considered a leader in real-time brand content creation on a per-campaign basis, Oreo maker Mondelēz International in April announced a partnership, Blink Studios, in which it would try to habitualize the practise using editorial expertise from new-wave mobile news service NowThisNews.

Now Mondelēz’s global media and consumer engagement VP B. Bonin Bough reveals progress in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“We’ve been able to deliver over 100 million unique impressions via the studio at 50% of what our average online video CPM is,” Bough says.

“The challenge that brands have is, we want to create content in real-time that’s relevant to what’s being discussed right now. Guess what news organisations do on a continual basis? That’s exactly what they do. Blink Studios is really about operationalising real-time content creation from a video perspective.”

Last week, Mondelēz inked a deal with Google which will see the confectioner up its ad spend across YouTube and Google+ in return for analytics and production support on its branded video content.

Bough says YouTube is already making it possible for brands to respond to breaking news events with conversational video, but he is eyeing a future in which that transfers to bigger screens: “At some point, I’m going to be able to create a TV commercial in real time based on what’s being talked about in culture. We’re preparing for that.”

Beet.TV interviewed him Bough Manhattan during Advertising Week at the offices of digital consultancy RebelMouse.