COLOGNE  — New platforms and buying patterns demand different forms of creativity, says Sean Lyons, Global Chief Digital Officer at Havas Worldwide, in an interview with Beet.TV. Agencies need employees who understand platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram, as well as new forms of buying that are driven by data, he says.

“There are nuances to each platform. Take Instagram. It’s a photographer’s medium, and it’s not a place to put coupons, but some brands put coupons there,” he says. Understanding the platform will allow brands to deliver better creative to each channel. Likewise, brands need to use the data available to inform creative. When it comes to blending content with ads marketers should look at what they are creating, the platform they are creating for, and whether the ad is designed to entertain or to spread a message, among other factors. He expects programmatic buying will start informing TV creative soon.

“The amount of data we have is phenomenal,” he says. “We also need to create more engaging forms of content.”

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