One of the best ways to combat online ad fraud is to understand the numbers. Online video ad platform YuMe said the issue of viewability is vital in the battle, and ad tech vendors need to be able to report accurately on whether ads were seen, says Jayant Kadambi, Co-Founder and CEO of YuMe, in an interview with Beet.TV.

“We have provided a set of data so people can understand the ads being seen and blocked and that these are the things going on behind the scenes to make our service quite safe,” Kadambi says. “You get what you pay for.” Earlier this summer, YuMe partnered with analytics company Moat to provide viewability measurement for YuMe’s brand partners.

Beyond issues regarding ad fraud, YuMe continues to focus on cross-screen campaigns, and 30% of its traffic now comes from connected TVs and mobile devices.

For more insight into viewability, fraud and cross-platform growth, check out this video interview.