COLOGNE– Bigger scale and smaller segments are helping entice advertisers in to the online video space, says media planning agency Carat.

In this video interview with Beet.TV at DMEXCO, global chief digital officer Anthony Rhind welcomes moves by big platforms to satisfy buyers’ wishes for more specific targeting of large audiences.

“Facebook is bringing video formats particularly across mobile devices – that’s a very interesting innovation on the supply side … which will hopefully bring lot more inventory that our clients can use to build coverage across devices,” he says.

“And Google have interesting innovations we’re talking with them about to try and segment the YouTube estate and allow us to be a lot more selective in how we’re approaching that huge pool of content and audience.

“The premium end of the market is moving in a way that allows us to have more flexible video campaigns outside of a TV environment – that means we have the flexibility of targeting segments, targeting environments and pacing a campaign.”

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