COLOGNE  —  The free ride on social media is over and brands are needing to bolster their social channels with paid ads, says Eric Weaver, Chief Social Officer for Mediabrands G14 Cluster, in an interview with Beet.TV. That’s why IPG Mediabrands is launching in November an automated solution called Performly that’s designed to assess the the financial impact of social media activity.

“What we are seeing since January of this year is a massive drop in organic reach. Only 5% of yours fans see your brand’s ads, content and engagement. You have to do paid social ads to even be seen,” he says. “Social is about optimization and wringing as much as you can out of your dollar. A lot of these automated tools will get us there.”

For more insight into social strategies and also the effectiveness of programmatic buying, check out this video interview. This video is part of series of videos covering DMEXCO.  Please find all of our coverage of the show right here.