COLOGNE, Germany — Switching on “programmatic” control of ad trading in video won’t be as straightforward as it has been in static display advertising, says one European video ad tech exec.

“It has a complexity to it that display didn’t,” says BrightRoll European MD Andy Mitchell, in this interview conducted at the DMEXCO conference.

“Display, press and magazine advertising, over what was essentially a decade of change, almost had this hockey curve of change – people suddenly wondered, ‘Gosh what just happened?’ A lot of traditional pubs and big brand names across the UK and Europe switched into gear, took on measurement, accountability and programmatic trading in a very confrontational way.

“The difference in video is that there’s a huge amount of money in a very well established legacy business controlled by a smaller number of companies and senior level executives. That’s a phenomenal challenge, especially in the UK and across all five major major markets in Europe.”