COLOGNE, Germany — The injection of “programmatic” ad-trading automation and control in to linear TV will likely increase, not diminish, the value of traditional TV ads, says one of the world’s top marketers.

“All of a sudden, certain media slots on linear (will) become way more valuable,” snack food brand Mondelez International’s global media and consumer engagement VP B. Bonin Bough said during a Beet.TV session produced at DMEXCO, moderated by Terence Kawaja. CEO and Founder of LUMA Partners.

“The moment I know I can buy a piece of ‘remnant’ media that is a specific audience, that media becomes more valuable (to me). It’s going to increase their business.”

Bough criticized the industry for focusing too much on the 20% of media spend that is in digital, saying the ditigitzation of linear TV will be exciting.

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