LONDON — In the online advertising industry, many professionals expect advertisers to start moving some of their TV ad budgets in to the fast-growing world of online video, where metrics give them more visible insight in to effectiveness. But not everyone sees the trend as an “either-or”.

“I’m not actually convinced that it is just about moving money from TV into online video,” according to Steve Hobbs, MD of trading desk Amnet, speaking in this Beet.TV video interview. “We’re presenting the argument to clients that there is an incremental opportunity here as well … driven by the incremental reach that you can drive by running an online video alongside a TV campaign.

“If you know about a quarter of your audience’s viewing is via desktop and mobile devices rather than via linear TV, then there has to be incremental reach opportunity in using online video.”

This is part of the State of Video, a series sponsored by AOL Platforms.  The segment was recorded in London.   Please visit this page for all the videos from the series.