If marketers want to make a splash with their own own content, it needs to be socially shareable – and that means giving people something that can reflect their identity, according to a branded content production agency.

“People are consuming content and thinking ‘Is this something I’d like to share to reflect my knowledge of what’s going on in society, my sense of humor?’,” says Ogilvy Entertainment’s strategy and operations director Abby Marks.

“People are posting on their Facebook walls every day – they’re looking for great content that builds their equity. Brands’ opportunity is enormous – but they have to put aside this idea of pushing a message that isn’t authentic to the conversation. ”

This was one finding in an Ogilvy Entertainment research piece, “Making magic using logic“.

She was a panelist at the recent Beet.TV summit on branded content, interviewed by Collective Digital Studio SVP Paul Kontonis. You can find additional videos from the event here.