Nevermind your product, what do you stand for? That’s what OgilvyEntertainment’s senior strategy and operations director Abby Marks tells her clients, channeling her agency’s late founder.

David Ogilvy was always about research and treating the cons as an equal, thinking about what’s of value to them,” Marks tells Beet.TV.

“We work under the creative umbrella of ‘the big ideal’ – the brand’s best self, what does the brand stand for at the end of the day? How are they living and breathing in this society?

“David Ogilvy says it should be such a big idea, there’s nowhere it cannot travel – it can live on a matchbox cover or on a billboard.”

OgilvyEntertainment is the media agency’s division producing content for brands.

We interviewed Marks at the recent Beet.TV summit on branded content. You can find additional videos from the event here.