CANNES, FRANCE — Comedy – and content, in general – is having a renaissance due to the current wealth of user-generated content, says Kassem Gharaibeh, comedian and co-founder of Maker Studios.

Comedy is a mainstay of entertainment, he says. Even without YouTube, it would still be around.

“But what YouTube did was allow people who didn’t have access through the front door of the Hollywood system…figure out their voices on their own,” he says.

Thanks to digital, there is content we never would have seen before created by people who would never have had the chance to publish via a traditional medium.

“You can do whatever you want online, whereas in TV there’s a million people making a million decisions that homogenizes everything.”

We spoke with Gharaibeh at the 2014 Cannes Lions Festival. You can view other Beet.TV coverage of the event here.