CANNES, France — People have talked about media “convergence” for years. But, for media agency Carat, the converged future hasn’t worked out the way people expected.

“We used to talk about how everything would converge on a single device,” says global president Doug Ray. “The reality is, people’s bevahiors have converged around different devices.”

It’s within that kind of ongoing disruption that Carat is amongst the agencies now being pushed by brands to measure marketing results not by exposures but by real, eventual sales.

“We are moving from media outputs to business outcomes,” Ray says, “making media much more accountable for the sales it’s driving”.

Ray was speaking with Luma CEO Terence Kawaja during Beet.TV’ssummit on the future of television advertising during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.   Please find more Beet coverage of Cannes Lions here.

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