The quality of content during the NewFronts is improving dramatically year over year, says Ritu Trivedi, Managing Director/Digital Marketplace at MediaVest, in an interview with Beet.TV at the NewFronts. “This is not just a ‘new kid in town,’ where we go see some shiny new bauble. This is serious. We have seen some amazing content with great talent, and money being spent and promoted, and not just user-generated content anymore,” she tells us.

With this higher-quality programming come opportunities for super distribution that go beyond standard digital extensions of smart phones, tablets and online video to include Xboxes, connected TVs and Rokus. “Those are all the places the consumer demands,” she says.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau said recently that about three-quarters of agencies and marketers in attendance at last year’s Digital Content NewFronts found new ad opportunities. Trivedi also spoke to Beet.TV about digital measurement compliance at the Beet Retreat.