Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has teamed up with Israeli producer Ram Landes to create a long-form series for AOL, in a partnership introduced at the New Fronts this week. Both Landes and Spurlock spoke to Beet.TV about the show, “Connected,” the development plans, and what they hope to do with it.

The show is based on an Israeli cable show “Connected” that’s already been imported as a format in 11 other countries, such as Finlad and India. The show aims to capture “real life” and arms five people with their own cameras to shoot their lives without a camera crew.

“We are turning cameras over people and asking them to record their lives. We’re asking people to record moments that are hard to share, hard to talk about, or hard to experience on your own,” Spurlock tells us.

The AOL version is currently being shot in New York. The show will premiere on AOL in January 2015. It is AOL’s first acquisition of an existing format.