SAN FRANCISCO — For David Algranti, it’s all or nothing. “For programmatic to scale to the levels we expect it to (in TV), it’s going to need to avail itself of all the TV (advertising) inventory, not some subsets of it,” says the product innovation SVP of video measurement supplier Rentrak.

Algranti’s firm licenses return-path viewing data from US cable, satellite and telco operators, giving it numbers on 12 million households, which it uses to help its clients target advertising: “Now you can identify relatively small audiences (like) people who bought a Buick Lacrosse in the last months, which is maybe 40,000 households in the US, and identify: what are they watching on TV?”

For him, “small” is key. Lesser-viewed TV networks are crucial and “the long tail is important”, Algranti says.

He were interviewed by Ashley J. Swartz, founder and CEO of Furious Minds, for Beet.TV. Please find additional segments from the event here.