Nielsen will launch a new system for advertisers to measure the audience for mobile content and video properties this coming summer.

“It’s all about mobile – it’s explosive,” the company’s global product leadership president Steve Hasker tells Beet.TV. “We have developed and are now testing the first industrial-strength robust measurement system for video and other types of content – we’ll bring that out in July.”

The new system uses the same principles as Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) – tagging content and cross-referencing anonymized audiences against Facebook and Experian data.

Hasker’s words came as programmatic video ad platform BrightRoll announced it was integrating Nielsen and comScore ratings in to it systems for ad planners. “They have done a great job of … integrating our data throughout their entire system, from the planning to targeting to optimization and through to reporting,” Hasker adds.

He was speaking to Beet.TV  at the BrightRoll Video Summit. You can find more coverage of the BrightRoll summit here.