LAS VEGAS — Can Dolby do for eyes what it’s done for ears? The San Francisco-based firm is best known for its audio developments, but recently unveiled Dolby Vision, its system for encoding pictures with more colors, brightness and more dynamic range than the current TV grading standard.

“The way that content being graded today is against technology that is 80 years old,” says Dolby’s senior director of professional solutions and products JC Morizur. “There’s a tremendous opportunity.”

Speaking  with Beet.TV at NAB Show, he says the standard, which was previewed at CES on TVs from Sharp and TCL, allows professional producers – who often “grade” colors in their work – to raise attention on particular scenes, with a “wider color gamut” and “better pixels”.

So far, it has been implemented for Amazon Instant Video and Vudu, he says, while video software firm Elemental Technologies says it is taking on the standard in its products.

“We expect that to be available to consumers on OTT online platforms (in the) early 2015 horizon.”