LAS VEGAS – MPEG Dash — the emerging live video format for cross-platform streaming, has picked up considerable traction over the twelve months with the participation of major players including Google’s YouTube, Microsoft’s Azure, Adobe Primetime and Akamai, explains Will Law, Chief Media Architect of Akamai, in this interview with Beet.TV

Also in the interview, Law speaks about the emergence of ultra HD video or 4K and how Akamai is working with Elemental Technologies to encode the huge files for cross-platform distribution.

Here is the news release from Akamai on MPEG Dash.

Please see our NAB interview with Adobe’s Ashley Still on that company’s embrace of MPEG Dash and 4K.

We interviewed  Law at the NAB Show a the reception for the Dash Industry Forum, the industry group for standards around the emerging format.  He is a board member of the group.