SAN FRANCISCO — Eager to capture some of a fast-growing pie, agency software provider Mediaocean has been expanding its offerings to accommodate more programmatic buying. The next two years represent a huge opportunity to make programmatic a bigger component of an overall media budget, says Fraser Woollard, VP Business Development at Mediaocean during an interview with Beet.TV. “We want to be the agency platform that enables all these processes,” he says.

Late last year, Mediaocean rolled out its Connect Partner Platform to better integrate ad servers, data solutions providers and tech partners into its software. That integration can help improve efficiency in targeted ad buying. The software giant also is working with FreeWheel and AOL on extending audience targeting from TV workflow systems to digital. Challenges remain in the march towards programmatic buying and the targeting it affords, Woollard says. :Should it be managed by the digital group or the TV group, for instance? How do I plan for it? What systems do I use?” The technology isn’t full in place yet for true end-to-end automation, but that will come in the next one to two years, he predicts.

We interviewed Woollard at the Beet.TV leadership summit on programmatic TV advertising presented with Adap.TV. You can find more clips from the event here.