One month ago, music streamer Spotify made a change which lets mobile and tablet users listen to more music for free. Previously, off-PC usage required a premium subscription.

But Spotify’s change is not just a goodwill gift to users – it points to the growing part advertisers play in a business that has always relied mostly on consumer payments.

“We’re seeing a lot more requests for data and how users are listening to music as part of their life,” Spotify’s head of global business marketing and brand experience, Amy Vale, tells Beet.TV.

“Brands are starting to play in that area – what is the intent that the consumer has and how can my brand play a part in that?”

Spotify’s marketer proposition is manyfold, from audio and display ads to full-blown brand partnerships. “Now brands can reach a consumer at every part of their day,” Vale reckons. “Music is such a friendly language to speak in.”

We spoke with Vale at the Mindshare Client Huddle at CES.