Advertisers imagine a world where they target ads by knowing just what viewers are watching. In digital, that world is coming in time. But, in analog, it’s already here.

Around a million US households are feeding their TV tuning data to media monitor Kantar Media, which uses it to help WPP stablemate Xaxis buy digital ads reaching very specific audience groups.

“With second-by-second- data, we’re able to look at the actual tuning events that occur during commercials – true commercial ratings,” says Kantar chief commercial officer Bud Breheney.

“You could segment your audience to look at people heavily exposed to your campaign or moderately exposed.”

Breheney says Xaxis clients can now reach households that has seen their commercial seven times, people who are only light sports viewers and so on. It seems the future of addressable TV is, well, now.

Brenehey was interviewed by Furious Minds CEO Ashley Swartz at Beet.TV’s TV Programmatic Summit, hosted at Xaxis and presented by Videology.