LONDON – Marketers who use household targeting can allocate their budgets to various screens, depending on which are most used by different consumers, says Owen Hanks, General Manager of YuMe in Europe in an interview with Beet.TV. YuMe introduced its Household Targeting Solution in the UK this fall that lets brands target various members of a household across devices such as PC, smartphone, tablet or connected TV. The technology was first launched in the US and used with Hyundai.

Such targeting can be particularly effective for household purchases, such as movies to see or cars to buy, Hanks tells us. “We can identify the household and screen and deliver a message on a game console, PC, laptop,” he explains. The technology anonymously identifies the screens and device consumption in the home, he adds. “If a household consumes 80% of its video on a PC, we deliver mostly to a PC then. Or if a household has 50% on tablets, we deliver there,” he says. “It’s about getting to the consumer where they are.”

This interview was part of Beet.TV’s “London Sessions” presented by YuMe, produced at the Starcom MediaVest offices in association  with VivaKi.