LONDON — There comes a point in the life of every buzz phrase when it knows the writing is on the wall. Has that time already come for “mobile-first”, the industry’s recent recognition that mobile devices are now the primary content consumption spaces for many consumers?

“This idea of putting ‘mobile first’ is starting to become redundant,” SMG’s European executive director for performance and digital development Stewart Easterbrook tells Beet.TV.

“Around 90% of media consumption is across screens – 38% of those screens are mobile in the UK. Rather than ‘mobile-first’, we’re starting to think of it as mobile wrapping around everything we do as a business.”

Easterbrook says SMG is focusing on “the nature of mobility as opposed to the platform of mobile”, warning marketers: “Avoid the pitfall of overcomplicating. You will not keep up with all the technology … The technology will become quite baffling … Use the same metrics you always have.”

This interview was part of Beet.TV’s “London Sessions” presented by YuMe, produced at the Starcom MediaVest offices in association  with VivaKi.