The coming advent of 4k’s 8.3 million-pixel videos is going to mean a distribution headache for resolution-hungry video makers – their file sizes may end up four times larger.

That’s one reason why video-hosting service Vimeo last week upgraded its Pro tier to offer a whopping 1Tb of storage space per year – up from 50Gb.

“The pricepoints of the 4k cameras are less than $5,000 now. Creative professionals, with the advent of 1080p and now 4k, have larger and larger files to upload and to share,” Vimeo president Dae Mellencamp tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

Launched in 2011 to give small businesses and creatives larger and paid-for video hosting, the expanded $199-a-year Vimeo Pro also now allows unlimited playback, FTP uploads and customer support with a one-hour turnaround.

Mellencamp calls it a “very disruptive upgrade” that was demanded by users over the last two years: “Our audience wanted more storage, more plays and more features”.

Although few consumers have the computer equipment to playback 4k files Vimeo can host, they can download original videos for playback through their own, other 4k hardware, she says.