NEW YORK — AOL On operations VP Michael O’Connor used Beet.TV’s Video Ad Effectiveness Summit to call on analytics firms to give advertizers more insight about likely wasted spend.

O’Connor said: “Sticker shock is driven by waste … metrics are still inefficient because they only measure a campaign after the campaign’s launched … the publishers hate all that waste.”

“Digital [advertizing] has always had the conceit that there is no waste; ‘I’m 100%, I hit exactly what I said I’m going to hit’. It’s never really been true. What the audience guarantee metrics have done is expose that element.

“But it’s also an exaggerated effect because sometimes you’re forced to run inventory that you know may not perform… I have to deliver more and more – waste fuels up, waste fuels cost. That piece has to move upstream so that it’s forecastable.”

Watch more of O’Connor’s views in the taped interview with panel moderator Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Minds.