NEW YORK — One common thread to emerge at Beet.TV’s Video Ad Effectiveness Summit was how the new reality of online video consumption today is calling producers and measurers alike to reinvent their in-house toolsets.

“Research used to be figuring out what worked and what didn’t work after something ended,” Nielsen client services SVP Andrew Feigenson told panel moderator Ashley J. Swartz during this taped session at the summit. “More and more, it’s about figuring our what’s relevant as something’s going on.”

If, in analytics, Nielsen has had to rebuild its measurement tools, so, too, has AOL On, whose operations VP Michael O’Connor said has built new tools to manage what is a non-traditional way of making creative content.

“Journalism’s changing,” he said. “People are starting from a video standpoint, as opposed to ‘I conceive it, I block it, I write it and then video supports it’.

“You see it in journalism schools… we believe in the tech stack behind that that can facilitate that… you can enable content at scale.”

On the panel, NBC Universal digital media sales EVP Peter Naylor mused: “You create ‘predators’ – producer-editors. It’s really fast, it may not be the highest HQ quality, but it’s chock-full of news and information and content – it’s a video-first mentality and really low-cost.”

Dailymotion north America GM Roland Hamilton told Swartz: “Advertisers want to be where audiences are. There are all these new online stars coming up that are uploading to platforms like Dailymotion and YouTube. It’s a much different model but audiences are enjoying it, they’re super-engaged and, if you’re trying to reach those audiences, it’s a great place to do it.”

For more of the panel’s comments, watch the video.